We will close 100 cases per month by the end of 2025, and will provide our clients with timely results and the answers they need.


Our team is passionate about the work we do and enjoys the opportunity to investigate and uncover difficult-to-find information.  We are passionate about finding the answers that our clients are looking for in order to help them reach their ultimate goals.  We are ecstatic when our clients reunite with a loved one, receive a reduced sentence, or when our attorney-clients win their cases.  It makes our day when we prove that someone is a scammer, allowing us the opportunity to protect our client from abuse. Our team is responsible, productive, caring and amazing at their jobs.  We work as a cohesive, synergistic team and have each other’s backs because we respect one another.

By running our business wisely, it allows us the ability to have the best employees, systems, tools and resources to help our clients.  We are also able to grow at the pace we want to be able to serve more and solve more problems.

We are committed to setting up our employees and contractors for success.  We provide relevant and highly effective training, and reward sustained excellent performance to ensure that each team member knows how appreciated they are, and how essential they are to have on the team. We have a philosophy of continuous improvement and growth.  We are proud of what we do and get great satisfaction by helping solve the many important mysteries that our clients bring to us.

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