Les N.

All the reviews are spot on with the full five stars. I first called Anna when I needed some advice on how to deal with some harassing phone calls I was getting. I contacted several other PIs, all of whom seem to have a direct law enforcement background…and that’s what I got from them: direct, impersonal responses stating the facts. With Anna the difference was immediate. She took the time to hear my story, and even as we were speaking, she pulled up information for me right there on the phone. The harassment escalated to direct threats, and I ended up hiring Anna to investigate this individual and several others to determine the level of concern I should have. This involved background checks, locating property and domicile records, pulling criminal histories and court documents, and so on. While others, including my lawyers, recommended a full assault, Anna cautioned me on the long-term consequences, considering the situation not only from a legal perspective but a human one, that these people often thrive on provoking a response, so reacting in a big way only fuels the fire. If you want someone who cares about your situation and goes out of their way to watch your back, go with Anna Stowe and her firm.

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