Julie Lee

Julie Lee



Julie was born and raised in California, and graduated from the California State University of Sacramento with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. She went on to earn her California teaching credential and taught in the Sacramento area. After becoming a mother to three adorable boys, Julie shifted her focus to caring for her family and raising her boys.

When all of her children reached school age, Julie was tasked with the decision of rejoining the workforce. In doing so, she made the decision to leave her teaching career behind and follow another passion of hers, researching and investigating. Julie started with Proven Private Investigators in the Fall of 2022 as an Investigative Intern and has absolutely excelled in her investigative studies. Her analytical and inquisitive mind has left no question that she now serves as a crucial part of our investigative team.

When she is not investigating, Julie enjoys spending time with her family and participating in their after-school activities. She also loves to take advantage of California living by exploring the coast and the mountains through travel and hiking.