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We use only subscription databases available to law enforcement and private investigators only to get the most current, accurate and useful information.

Background Investigations

Deep dive into the subject and give you all the data. All court records, sex offender registries, foreclosures, financial information, relatives, associates, corporate …


All our operatives have 10 plus years’ experience and have all the covert equipment needed to prove your case. They’re all seasoned professionals, licensed and insured.

Criminal Defense Mitigation

Our team of specialists collect a complete social history report on the person facing sentencing. We write winning criminal defense mitigation investigation reports...

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Cybersecurity Services

Online Identity Verification

Ever wondered who's really behind that online profile? Our cybersecurity experts can unmask digital identities.

Data Breach Analysis

Your personal data is like gold in the digital world. We help find out who may have struck the motherlode at your expense.

Specialized Private Investigation Services 

Stalker Investigations

We use cutting-edge technology and strategic planning to identify stalkers and gather the necessary evidence for legal proceedings.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance fraud is a tricky business. Our specialized investigators know exactly what to look for, saving you time and money.


At PROVEN Private Investigators, we’re not just any private investigation services in Sacramento; we're your personalized solution for peace of mind and clarity. Our private investigation services are diverse, ethical, and geared toward bringing you the answers you seek.

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Background Investigations

Criminal Defense Mitigation

Our Services: Private Investigation Services You Can Rely On 

Private Investigation Services

As the leading private investigation services in Sacramento, we offer an extensive range of investigative solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Read on to discover how we can assist you in various life scenarios.

Infidelity Investigations

Marital and Relationship Surveillance 

Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship, but when it's broken, we're here to help you find the missing pieces. Our private investigation services, specifically surveillance, offer indisputable proof or peace of mind.

Digital Traces

Is your partner secretive about their online activities? Our team can unearth digital traces to reveal the truth behind those locked screens.

Background Checks

Pre-Employment Checks

Protect your company's reputation and safety by ensuring you hire only the most trustworthy candidates. The comprehensive background checks of our private investigation services go beyond the basics.

Tenant Screening

Finding a reliable tenant is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Let us do the digging for you!

Corporate Investigations

Fraud Investigation

Suspicious about fraudulent activities in your business? Our experts in private investigation services are equipped to dig deep, exposing any internal or external fraudulent actions.

Asset Search and Verification

Locating and verifying corporate assets can be like a maze. We navigate the complexities for you.

Family and Personal Services

Missing Persons

We apply our extensive resources and tech-savvy skills to locate missing persons, reuniting families and bringing closure.

Child Custody Investigations

When it comes to your children's well-being, there's no room for compromise. Our private investigation services provide the information you need for custody battles.

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