Benefits of a Business Partnership Between a Paralegal and a Private Investigator

As a private investigator with 23-years of experience, I can say with confidence that a business partnership between a paralegal and a private investigator can bring a range of benefits to both professionals and their clients.

For the paralegal, partnering with a private investigator can provide access to valuable resources and expertise that can help to strengthen the legal cases they work on. Private investigators often have specialized knowledge of surveillance techniques and other investigative methods, which can be useful in gathering evidence and building a stronger case. They may also have connections and resources that a paralegal may not have access to, such as access to databases and other information sources.

For the private investigator, partnering with a paralegal can provide a deeper understanding of the legal system and how to effectively work within it. Paralegals have a strong understanding of the legal process and can provide guidance on how to present evidence and other information in a way that is most useful to the case. Sharing case strategy and goals is invaluable to the investigator.

Over the years, I have formed many successful relationships with paralegals. One example is a paralegal I’ve worked with for over ten-years. She knows she can send me discovery and other information, and I will, in turn, provide to her a list of investigative tasks I recommend. She then has the list approved through the attorney, and I interview and return my investigative reports to her. This relationship saves us both time, relieves the attorney of the tasks, and we both benefit from the arrangement.



Private investigators and paralegals can work together to benefit businesses in a variety of ways. Private investigators can conduct investigations on behalf of businesses, such as background checks, surveillance, and asset searches. Private investigators can also help businesses uncover fraud and other criminal activities. Paralegals can help businesses draft contracts, handle document and case management, and provide legal research. By working together, private investigators and paralegals can help businesses save time, money, and resources. The network for referrals to each other is almost endless.

Private investigators and paralegals can work together in a number of ways. Private investigators can assist paralegals in conducting research, locating witnesses, gathering evidence, and uncovering documents. They can also provide testimony in court to support a legal argument and help develop legal strategies. Paralegals can use private investigators to help them review documents, obtain public records, and investigate potential witnesses. The two professions can also work together to investigate and analyze cases in order to build a strong legal argument.



The best time to get an investigator involved in your case is when you feel that you need help finding evidence or witnesses to support your case. An investigator can help you locate witnesses, track down evidence, provide video and still photography, obtain official documents, and uncover information that may not be easily accessible on your own. Additionally, investigators can work with attorneys to help build a stronger case, and can serve as witnesses and testify in court.

While private investigators have a multitude of resources at their fingertips, private investigators are not legally allowed to trespass or break the law in any way in order to obtain evidence or information. A private investigator can conduct investigations and gather evidence. They can make inquiries, search records, take photographs and video, and interview witnesses. Private investigators must adhere to all state and federal laws, including those pertaining to privacy, when conducting investigations. Are there unscrupulous private investigators out there? Yes, but we can help you find a great investigator.

If you’re looking to hire a private investigator, do your research and find a reputable investigator who is experienced in the type of case that you need help with. Ask colleagues who they recommend. Check out the investigator’s website and reviews. You should also make sure to ask for references and proof of insurance, and check the investigator’s credentials with the state licensing board. I prefer to use investigators who are active and hold Board-level positions in their industry associations. Most associations will not allow unethical PI’s to join the membership. Additionally, you should clearly define the scope of the investigation and discuss fees and payment terms with the investigator before beginning the investigation.

In addition to the practical benefits, a business partnership between a paralegal and a private investigator can also offer financial advantages. By pooling their resources and working together, both professionals can potentially increase their income and grow their businesses. I know several teams of PI’s and paralegals who work together to increase business. The paralegal may offer forms completion and filing with the courts, and the PI may serve documents on the other parties. This relationship can be beneficial to both parties, as it allows them to make the most of their respective skills and resources.

Overall, a business partnership between a paralegal and a private investigator can bring a range of benefits to both professionals and their clients. By combining their skills and resources, they can offer a more comprehensive and effective service while potentially increasing their own income and growing their businesses.

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