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Embezzlement Prevention Strategies for Your Business

By Anna Stowe | July 21, 2023

To protect your business from embezzlement, it’s crucial to adopt a comprehensive approach that includes effective policies, procedures, and controls. This reduces the risk of theft and fraud, ensuring your business’s financial integrity and reputation remain intact. Here’s a guide to embezzlement prevention:   Develop Clear Policies and Procedures Formulating well-defined policies and procedures for…

In-Depth Background Investigations: Beyond the Basics with Expert Techniques

By Anna Stowe | February 22, 2023

Ever Wonder How Private Investigators Perform In-Depth Background Investigations? This article will answer your questions. We go above and beyond to help you get the evidence and proof you need. Private investigators are hired to uncover information that is not easily accessible to the public. Using a range of techniques, such as conducting interviews, accessing…

Protecting Our Aging Parents

By Anna Stowe | August 23, 2016

People in my age bracket are facing new challenges.  A close friend is struggling as she loses progressive bits of her Mother’s mind to the ravages of Dementia.  Another friend worries because she is hours away from her aging parents who now have in-home assistance.  Yet another friend is concerned about her elderly Father’s fiancé…