Asset Investigation Services: Delivering Results

At Proven Private Investigators, we specialize in comprehensive asset investigation services, offering unparalleled services to our clients. Our team of seasoned private investigators is adept at conducting asset investigations that uncover a wide range of assets, from real property and corporate ownership interests to vehicles, and even bank and brokerage accounts under specific legal circumstances. Our expertise and access to exclusive databases set us apart, enabling us to conduct thorough asset investigations beyond the reach of public resources.

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Deep-Dive Asset Searches

Our asset investigations are meticulously designed to cater to various needs, whether it's for individual or corporate entities. We understand the importance of a thorough search, which is why we delve into both personal and corporate-owned real property, ensuring no stone is left unturned. Our approach to asset investigations is comprehensive, covering:

  • Real Property: We identify both personal and corporate-owned real estate, providing a clear picture of an individual's or entity's asset portfolio.
  • Corporate Ownership Interests: Our investigations extend to uncovering interests in corporate entities, revealing hidden assets and ownership stakes.
  • Vehicles: From cars to boats, we track down registered vehicles, adding another layer to our asset investigation services.
  • Bank and Brokerage Searches: In cases where there is an active money judgment, our asset investigation services are equipped to search for bank and brokerage accounts, offering a critical advantage in financial recovery efforts.


Exclusive Access and Expertise in Asset Investigation Services

What sets Proven Private Investigators apart is not just our ability to access exclusive databases, but our seasoned expertise in navigating these resources for asset investigations. These databases, reserved for use by law enforcement and licensed private investigators only, allow us to dig deeper than what's publicly available, offering our clients an edge in asset discovery.


Our team's knowledge, experience, and investigative skills are paramount in providing top-tier asset investigation services. We know where to look and what avenues to pursue, ensuring a comprehensive search that uncovers every findable asset. This expertise is crucial in asset investigations, where understanding the nuances of financial and property records can make all the difference.


Ethical and Legal Compliance in Asset Investigation Services

We operate within the bounds of legality and ethics, ensuring that our asset investigations are conducted with the utmost integrity. Bank and brokerage searches, for instance, are only performed when there is an active money judgment against the individual, adhering to legal requirements and respecting privacy laws.


Why Choose Proven Private Investigators for Asset Investigation Services?

Choosing Proven Private Investigators means opting for a team that goes beyond the surface in providing asset investigation services. Our services are designed to provide peace of mind, security, and the information necessary for informed decision-making. Whether you're seeking to enforce a judgment, conduct due diligence, or simply need to understand the asset landscape, our team is here to deliver results with our asset investigation services.


With Proven Private Investigators, you're not just hiring an investigator; you're securing a partner dedicated to uncovering the truth and providing clarity in complex situations through our asset investigation services. Let us help you uncover the assets you're seeking with precision, discretion, and professionalism. 

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