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Court ordered alimony or spousal support payments do not have to be a life-long obligation. Payments ordered at the time of divorce can be altered under certain circumstances. If the party receiving the payments has a substantial change in income and/or is cohabitating with another adult wage earner, an alimony investigation can substantially reduce or even eliminate alimony payments.

What is alimony?

Alimony is a court ordered or stipulated payment made to an ex-spouse or longtime cohabitant by the higher wage earner. A variety of factors are used to determine alimony including:

● The length of the marriage or relationship
● The overall income of both parties during the relationship
● The standard of living enjoyed by both parties during the relationship
● The need for support
● The ability of the higher wage earner to pay support
● The education and employability of the lower wage earner
● Contributions to the total estate by both parties.

Alimony payments can have a set time frame ordered by the court or continue indefinitely. However, alimony in and of itself is subject to modification should the circumstances of the receiving party change in what the court would consider a significant way. Significant changes could include:

● Cohabitation – where a new wage earning adult lives with the alimony receiving party. The cohabitation needs to be consistent enough that the court could assume this adult is significantly contributing to the household living expenses.
● The receiving party obtains a new higher-paying job
● The receiving party receives an inheritance or other large sum
● The receiving party moves to a lower cost of living area
● The receiving party obtains a new educational degree, changing his/her employability.

Why hire Anna Stowe Investigations for your alimony investigation?

We have over 20 years of experience in alimony investigations. We know how to conduct a thorough investigation that gets results in court. Period.

Our consultations are always free, and we won’t waste your time or upcharge you for services that we include in every alimony investigation. We use the latest technology including subscription databases that link us to the up-to-the-minute address and vehicle information. Our reports include daily photographic and video evidence in support of your case. We identify all wage earning adults in the household and verify their employment when possible. Our final reports can be submitted to court and our investigators are always licensed, insured and prepared to testify on your behalf.

If you are paying alimony and believe your ex-spouse may be cohabitating or has had a significant change in income or employability, give us a call. An alimony investigation performed by Anna Stowe Investigations could help you win in court.

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