A Message from Our CEO:

Investigations has been a passion of mine since childhood when I discovered Nancy Drew books. I originally wanted to pursue a career as a reference librarian because I loved learning facts and where to find them. I also studied human behavior as I have a deep drive to understand people and how relationships work. As a child, I read encyclopedias for fun.

As an adult, I entered the corporate world and became a single parent with two children. Corporate life didn't blend well with my desire to spend more time with my children. After much thought, I obtained my private investigator's license and began my entrepreneurial journey. This allowed me to pursue my passion while also supporting my girls in sports, theater, school, and other activities.

Throughout my career as a private investigator, I continue to love the variety of cases and continue to learn, grow, improve, and meet fascinating people.  At Proven Private Investigators, we use a variety of forensic applications and use a myriad of tools to help people find what it is they’re looking for.  We celebrate our client's success in meeting their goals. We solve critical, complex issues.  We provide a thorough and professional investigation with determination and perseverance.

Our company also serves as a wealth of knowledge regarding outside professionals and free resources that we can recommend to our clients.  We have become a strong team dedicated to our clients' success and we are all committed to excellence in our field.

Our clients enjoy a supportive, friendly experience because we listen and truly care.  We don’t interrogate, yet are comprehensive and thorough to get the information you need.  We give personalized service in order to bring a winning solution to your situation.

The team at Prove Private Investigators, a private investigator company

We are involved in our communities, including donating time and resources to the Underdog Railroad and Sacramento Crisis Nursery.  We love children and pets and do our part to help alleviate suffering. We are strong supporters and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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